Financial foundation

Take advantage of Edward Jones’ state-of-the-art tools to help achieve your goals.

How will I achieve my goals?

How you achieve your goals depends on dozens of factors – and we built a tool that accounts for each of them. Financial Foundation is a state-of-the-art, goals-based financial suite, designed exclusively for Edward Jones financial advisors to use in partnership with their clients.

First, you and your financial advisor will discuss and determine your goals for today and tomorrow. You’ll work together to personalize the Financial Foundation suite to reflect your unique needs. You'll clearly see and discuss how your current financial lifestyle – for instance, your current savings, spending and comfort with risk – aligns with meeting each of your goals. You’ll review a report tailored exactly for you, clearly detailing this information and charting your progress.

Not on track to meet your goals? No problem. The Financial Foundation suite allows our financial advisors to run various simulations – for instance, how spending a little less or saving a little more – could help accomplish what is most important to you.

Let's get started

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