About texting

You can communicate via text with Edward Jones through:

  1. Text messaging with your Edward Jones office.
  2. Text alerts.
  3. Receive a text to confirm your identity when you log in to Online Access.

Text messaging with your Edward Jones office

When you text your Edward Jones office, we want you to be aware of the following:

  1. Texts from your Edward Jones financial advisor's office will come from a 5-digit short code. When you sign up for texting, you will receive a welcome text telling you the 5-digit short code you can use. Please save this number in your contacts. You can also find this number by going to the "Settings" page in Online Access and clicking on "Manage," next to the "Phone/Text" heading.
  2. Texts will be visible to all team members – the financial advisor(s), branch office administrator, as well as any substitute team members who may be filling in. All team members will also be able to send you texts, which will come from the same number.
  3. The office team will have limited access to text you outside of business hours, so you may not receive an immediate response, especially in the evenings or on weekends.
  4. Because the financial services industry is highly regulated, your text messages will be archived and monitored regularly.
  5. Edward Jones cannot accept instructions via text message.

Text alerts

You can also sign up for text alerts by accessing the "Settings" page in Online Access and clicking on "Manage Phone/Text." Currently, there are five security-related alerts that you can choose to receive:

  1. Password change.
  2. E-mail change.
  3. User ID has been locked (due to too many failed password attempts).
  4. User ID has changed.

Securely log in to Online Access

Because your security is important to us, when you log in to Online Access, you'll receive a code via text (or email or phone if you choose) to confirm your identity. Once you've entered your code, you can choose to "Remember this device" if you prefer to not enter a code each time you log in.