Client Consultation Group

For investors with more complex financial needs and who meet certain prerequisites, this team can help identify tailored strategies that may move you closer to your goals.

Personalized service and one-on-one relationships are hallmarks of Edward Jones. Having local offices with individual financial advisors serving you in your community is a business model that sets us apart.

But your local financial advisor isn't alone. Along with a dedicated branch office administrator, your financial advisor is supported by more than 7,000 associates in our headquarters in Canada and the U.S. Their role is to provide the resources, systems and tools to help your financial advisor meet your needs and provide the service you deserve.

 Clients are surrounded by a team of professionals with experience serving investors: a financial advisor, branch office administrator, and more.
This image shows that you, the investor, are should be the central focus for Edward Jones' home office, branch office administrators, financial advisors, and legal/tax professionals.

A specialized team for complex situations

One of those many resources at our headquarters is a team of professionals with extensive experience in specialized areas such as estate considerations, retirement income planning, protection strategies, and business sale/succession considerations. These professionals, our Client Consultation Group (CCG), will partner with you and your accountant, lawyer and financial advisor to address your complex and unique situation.

The Client Consultation Group knows that many decisions can have tax and legal implications or affect other areas of your financial life. These professionals can help make your conversations with your other professionals, such as your accountant and lawyer, more effective by providing guidance on key issues. Serving as another member of your team, they can help ensure all your strategies are aligned.

Building on your relationship with your financial advisor

Your financial advisor takes time to understand your current situation and what you're working toward. Combining this relationship with the experience of our Client Consultation Group enables us to identify additional strategies to address your unique needs.

Examples of common considerations, we can address while working with your accountant and lawyer include:

  • Asset allocation for income and cash flow needs 
  • Sale or transition of a business
  • Estate and legacy considerations 
  • Protection

How we can help

Contact your Edward Jones financial advisor to learn more about how we can help with your more complex needs.

Important information:

Edward Jones, its employees and financial advisors are not estate planners and cannot provide tax or legal advice. Please consult a qualified tax specialist or lawyer for professional advice regarding your specific situation.