Investment Policy Committee

We build our investment guidance around you, the individual investor. Our Investment Policy Committee (IPC) plays a central role.

The Investment Policy Committee (IPC) defines and upholds the firm’s investment philosophy, which is grounded in the principles of quality, diversification and a long-term focus. The IPC provides guidance about financial and investment strategies, creating the guidelines your financial advisor can incorporate when developing personalized recommendations and strategies for your specific goals. This guidance is also embedded in our systems and tools. 

IPC guidance helps your financial advisor:

  • Develop a strategy for multiple financial goals, such as saving for or living in retirement, paying for education and planning your legacy
  • Provide guidance on financial topics such as retirement income, health care, Social Security and wealth transfer
  • Build your personalized investment portfolio with return and risk expectations that align with your goals and comfort with risk
  • Consider market conditions and their effect on you and your investments
  • Identify and analyze changes in the markets, the economy and regulations and their impact on financial strategies (such as retirement, education or legacy planning)
  • Ensure you're prepared for the unexpected, with strategies for items such as emergency cash, insurance and other protection strategies

Keeping pace with the changing environment

While our investment philosophy focuses on the long term, this doesn’t mean we ignore today’s economic trends and events. The IPC meets regularly to talk about the markets, the economy and the current environment, propose new policies and review existing guidance - all with your financial needs at the center. The IPC members - experts in economics, market strategy, asset allocation and financial planning - each bring a unique perspective to developing recommendations that can help you achieve your financial goals.

Meet our team of experts

Executive sponsors

Committee chairs

  • Scott Thoma, CFA, CFP®, CPWA® , Co-chair, Client Needs Research
  • Glenn Regan, CFA, Co-chair, Investment Management

Committee members