Verification letters available in Online Access

Opt in to receive notifications for verification letters

Reduce your paper mail! We've added a new section in the site for Notices & Disclosures, where you can access your verification letters. Opt in today to receive email notifications (similarly to your monthly statements) letting you know the moment these letters are available.

As a reminder, verification letters are sent to you to confirm the accuracy of the personal and financial information your financial advisor collected from you. It is important to ensure that the information we have is accurate because your financial advisor uses it to make investment recommendations. It also helps to ensure your account and portfolio holdings remain in line with your needs, goals and objectives.

Verification letters are sent if/when the following occurs:

  • A new account is opened
  • Changes were made to information on your account
  • Your financial advisor has changed
  • A comprehensive review of account information is due
  • Your address has changed

Opt in to eDelivery for Notices & Disclosures

We encourage you to opt into eDelivery to receive email notifications when letters are available to review. If you are already on eDelivery for other communications like statements, trade confirmations and tax documents, then it's just a couple of clicks to opt in for Notices & Disclosures. Just check off Notices & Disclosures box, review and accept the Terms & Conditions.

Not on e-delivery? Expect more paper in the mail.

Now is a good time to enroll in e-delivery and reduce the amount of paper mail you receive. Due to new regulatory rules coming at the end of 2021, you can expect additional communications from Edward Jones about changes to your accounts, when you open new accounts etc. These notifications by paper mail can add up quickly, however by signing up for e-delivery, you will receive an email when your account-related documents are available to view securely online. And the best part is, online documents are saved in the system for years.

Opting in for e-delivery is really easy. Just log in and go to Documents >> Delivery Options and check off the box for Select e-Delivery for all documents and review and accept Terms & Conditions and you're done! It only takes seconds to complete.

Mobile app users: Please note you cannot update your communication preferences from the App, you must log into the full site to make any changes.