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Daily market snapshot

Stocks fall today despite debt ceiling progress: Stocks were lower today after mixed performance yesterday. The Nasdaq outperformed in May, a sign that investor sentiment may be shifting, but the gains are driven by a small number of leaders*. Commodities were weaker today for several reasons including lower-than-expected demand from China for energy as manufacturing activity disappoints despite a lifting of COVID-era restrictions. Treasury yields were lower with the 10-year yield trading around 3.6%, however, the yield curve remains inverted for now as investors price in slowing economic growth. Internationally, Asian and European stocks were lower. French inflation cooled to its lowest level in a year in a sign that Euro-area inflation might be showing signs of receding from elevated levels. German data will be out later in the day.

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Weekly market wrap

Tech continues to outperform as investors await two key events: the U.S. debt-ceiling resolution and the June central bank meetings

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Our market pulse at your fingertips

Market volatility is normal, yet unpredictable and emotional. While we can’t control the market, we can control our reactions to it. We’re committed to keeping you in the know about the latest market and economic developments.

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Quarterly market outlook

The quarterly market outlook offers our perspective on recent activity in the capital markets. The Edward Jones Investment Policy Committee offers its viewpoints on the U.S. economy, stocks, the bond market, international markets and asset classes, as well as a special topic of interest to investors each quarter.

These aren’t short-term predictions. Rather, this is Edward Jones’ perspective on market and economic topics, designed to help you make decisions affecting your long-term financial strategy. As you read through each topic, you'll find specific actions you can discuss with your financial advisor.

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