Life event checklists

Life is full of milestone events. Use these checklists to help take care of the financial responsibilities that come with them

 A woman checks off tasks from a list on a sheet of paper.

Be ready for life's big moments

To help you prepare for whatever life brings, we've put together checklists for some of the most common events we see with our clients. We hope they help keep you organized, so you can spend the time you need to enjoy – or cope with – the important events in your life.  For more help in preparing for life's milestones, find an Edward Jones financial advisor near you.

Starting your career

We're excited for you and want to help you get started on the right foot, and that includes establishing a financial foundation. 

Getting married or becoming common-law spouses

Amidst all the wedding planning, don't forget to think about your short- and long-term financial needs as a newly married couple or common law spouse.

Growing your family

Prepare for the financial considerations related to adding to your family.

New parents

If you're a new parent, use this checklist to help you prepare financially for the future.

Saving for future education

Start saving for your children's future education while they're still little.

Changing jobs

A job change can bring a mix of excitement and apprehension. Addressing the financial implications can help you feel more prepared.

First-time homebuyer

If you’re ready and eager for homeownership, consider the following moves.

Moving homes

A move may seem overwhelming, but we can help you stay on top of the details with this moving checklist.

Layoff or buyout

Understand your options and the factors you can control if you're facing a layoff or buyout.

Recession survival checklist

Here are some ways you can prepare yourself and your family for a potential slowdown in economic growth.

Sending a child to post-secondary education

As your child gets closer to post-secondary education, you have lots of questions. This checklist can help address them.

Going through a divorce

When facing divorce, your finances may be the first thing on your mind. We can help.

Preparing for an empty nest

Thinking about the implications ahead of time can help ease your adjustment to this stage of life.

Becoming a grandparent

Learn about the various options available for helping your grandchildren financially with this checklist.

Getting ready to retire

The day you've been dreaming about is on the horizon, and this checklist can help you take care of the details as you get ready to retire.

Caring for an aging loved one

We understand caring for an aging loved one can be challenging, both financially and emotionally. Here's help.

Leaving a legacy

The following checklist of questions will take you through estate-planning considerations, and will help you prepare for a discussion with your financial advisor.