Value of advice

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As consumers, we make choices every day based on the things we value. But when it comes to investing, what do you value? Is it a strategy designed for your situation? An advisor who truly understands you and your goals? How about objective guidance?

When you work with your Edward Jones advisor, these things aren't mutually exclusive. We focus on you and the things you value most.

At Edward Jones, we believe a tailored investment strategy – supported by a personal relationship, tools and resources – can help you reach your goals. We listen to what you value and work with you in three strategic ways:

  1. First, understanding what's important to you is the cornerstone of our approach. We take into consideration:
    • Your goals. By fully understanding what you're trying to achieve, we can develop a plan designed to help you get there, such as making your money last in retirement.
    • Your comfort with risk. A solid strategy is one you can stick with through the inevitable ups and downs in the market.
    • Your decision about how you want to work with us. Some investors like to be hands-on with investment decisions, while others prefer some things – like rebalancing – to happen automatically. We have several options for how you prefer to work with your advisor. The choice is yours.
  2. Once we understand what's important to you and what you're trying to achieve, we work together on a disciplined, established process that centers on you. You benefit from both the resources of a Fortune 500 firm and the one-on-one relationship with your financial advisor.
    • Our process is rooted in the partnership between you and your financial advisor, who works with you to personalize a strategy to fit your needs and adjust for changes along the way.
    • Our experienced team of analysts and strategists continually evaluates shifting investment conditions and conducts rigorous analysis to help your advisor identify appropriate investment recommendations for you.
    • We develop portfolio objectives that include a recommended mix of investments. These recommendations are based on your objectives, time horizons and comfort with risk. Then, we build your portfolio with quality investments to align with your goals.
  3. The third component focuses on partnering with you to keep you on track.
    • While we take a long-term approach to investing, we also continuously evaluate shifting conditions and compare them with our broader outlook to identify when adjustments are appropriate.
    • And, because achieving your financial goals involves more than just your investment portfolio, we look at your big picture, helping you prepare for unexpected events or expenses We design a comprehensive strategy that can help keep you and your family on track when life throws you a curve.
    • Staying on track means being informed. We regularly review the foundation of your strategy. That way, we can consistently measure and update you on your progress, and then help you rebalance and adjust when necessary.

Investment conditions shift and change, but our commitment to helping you achieve your goals remains constant.

Talk with your Edward Jones advisor about the things you value most, and let us demonstrate the value of our advice.