Your priorities are our priorities

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At Edward Jones, we do money differently. Because you're different. And what is important to you is unique. So before we provide any advice, we take the time to learn about you and your priorities.

The My Priorities quiz helps you compare your priorities. The results help us get to know you better and dig deeper into the "whys."

How does My Priorities work?

This short interactive tool begins by providing you with a list of priorities and allowing you to deselect those that are least aligned to your values. In the next step, the quiz will show you two priorities at a time, and you'll select the one that matters most to you. You'll repeat this step until what you value most rises to the top. Your results will rank your priorities in order of importance to you.

Once the tool has helped you rank your priorities, you can re-rank them to align with your values more closely. You can also take this quiz as many times as you like, and you can send the quiz to family and friends to take as well.

When you're comfortable that your priority list represents your unique values, you can share them with your advisor. To complete this quiz, visit your advisor's branch website and click the 'what are your priorities?' link at the bottom of their branch page, or contact your branch team.

Building a plan that's uniquely yours

Sharing your priorities, and the priorities of those that are important to you with your advisor, enables them to help you determine your goals. Together, we'll help you set your goals related to your health, family, purpose and finances.

Your advisor will then help you explore the different options available to get you to your goals, and determine the most appropriate strategies for you, based on your unique priorities. Together you'll develop a plan, which you can share with your loved ones, or those impacted by the plan.

After you develop your plan, we'll continue to partner with you to ensure your plan still makes sense, is on track, or if we need to make adjustments. Consider re-taking this quiz if you experience changes to your health, family, purpose or finances to ensure it reflects your current priorities. If you re-take the quiz, share your updated results with your branch team, so they can ensure your plan always reflects what's most important to you.

We're here to partner with you as life changes to ensure you can balance and achieve all of your goals. Because money’s a thing, but it’s not everything.

Important information:

The My Priorities quiz is meant to help you start a conversation with your financial advisor about what matters most to you. It is intended to be used for illustrative purposes only, and the results will be based on the selections you make. The results are not intended to offer any financial advice or constitute any recommendations. The My Priorities quiz does not reflect all possible values you may have in your unique situation. If you believe you have a value not reflected within the quiz or results, please contact your branch to discuss.