From one day to the next, my work with my clients is the same. Only different. Sure, I create investment strategies and build portfolios that balance potential return with risk, and I pull from the same set of products that any advisor can access. But that's where the sameness ends. Each client is different, each situation different, each financial strategy personalized and each relationship unique.

Take the client who wonders what to do with the windfall from selling her home. Or the one whose business, while building wealth, must also assist in his retirement strategy. Or the retirees beginning to disperse their wealth now, as tax-efficiently as possible, and the children who will receive it. Clearly, my advice and guidance is tailored for each of them, just as it would be for you.

I take the time to gain a deep understanding of what matters most to you and your family – your hopes, your challenges, your worries and much more. I want to understand both your situation and how you interpret it. Growing up, our family's money was sometimes scarce. I took away the need to save for the lean times, while my brother was more frivolous with his money. Our situation was the same, but our interpretations very different.

To help you confidently make informed decisions, I'll equip you with knowledge and transparency. We'll partner together for the long-term with you as an active participant in working toward your goals.

Before joining Edward Jones, I was in banking for 10 years, which gave me a great background for wholistic planning – thinking about how each goal fits into your entire picture. I've been a Pemberton resident for 13+ years and have served on the library board and been active in the Chamber of Commerce. Today, I'm the finance director on the Chamber board.

On a personal note, my husband of 11 years and I are serious enough wine collectors that it guides our travel plans (wineries, of course) and triggered us putting in a wine cellar.

Focus areas

  • Retirement Savings Strategies
  • Business Owner Considerations
  • Wealth Strategies

My Personal Interests

  • Board Games
  • Cooking
  • Home Improvement
  • Reading
  • Wine Collecting/Enthusiast

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