Our Relationship Disclosure

 Financial advisor and her clients

In connection with recent changes to securities regulations in Canada, we have updated our Relationship Disclosure document to better describe how we do business and work together. This document contains information about what’s changed in our Relationship Disclosure and where you can find more information.

What is our Relationship Disclosure?

The Relationship Disclosure is a document that helps you understand material facts about your relationship with Edward Jones, including:

  • The capacity in which Edward Jones will act;
  • Details and resources about the material fees and costs you will incur in your account;
  • The type and scope of the services Edward Jones will provide, including any material limitations related to products, our investment philosophy, and general risks;
  • Material facts related to conflicts of interest associated with our recommendations.

Highlights of the changes to the Relationship Disclosure:

  • Additional information describing each of our Account Types
  • Confirmation that to limit conflicts of interest, we do not offer any “proprietary products,” or investment products that are managed by an affiliate or subsidiary of ours
  • Additional information on how product suitability is determined, including how we always put your interests first
  • Information on what a Trusted Contact Person is and what Temporary Holds are
  • Additional information on fees and charges, including their impacts
  • Additional information on material conflicts of interest
  • Information on investment risks and the risks of borrowing money
  • How you can actively participate in your relationship with your financial advisor

These regulatory changes are effective December 31, 2021.

What's next?

If you'd like a copy of the full updated Relationship Disclosure, you can request a copy from your financial advisor or read it here (PDF).

Please contact your financial advisor if you have any questions. Thank you for choosing Edward Jones to help you reach your financial goals.