Frequently asked questions

Edward Jones Online Access FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Can I view information about all of my accounts?

A. Using this site you will have access to any accounts in which you have an ownership interest (i.e., same Social Insurance Number as the account number used to enroll). To view accounts that you do not have an ownership interest in you will need to contact the account owner and request that they invite you to view one or more of their accounts. The ability to link accounts or invite others to view your accounts is done via the User Options - Linked Accounts feature.

Q. How is my account information protected over the Internet? 

A. The security and privacy of your account information are important to us. Therefore, we use sophisticated 128-bit, SSL encryption technology to protect your information from unauthorized users.

We ask that you help by keeping your password confidential and by protecting the security of your personal computer so that others cannot access your financial information.

Q. How are accounts valued?

A. Prices are current as of market close on the previous business day. Many fixed income investments are priced as of the last monthly statement.

The values of the securities held in your account are estimates, so Edward Jones cannot guarantee their accuracy. For the exact price of a security, contact your Financial Advisor.

Q. Who has access to my account information?

A. You are the only person who can view the information unless you give both your User ID and password to someone else or invite others through this site to view your accounts via the User Options - Linked Accounts feature.

Q. Can I buy and sell securities, open an account, or change my reinvestment options through Edward Jones Online Access?

A. No, please call your Edward Jones Financial Advisor to complete any of these transactions.

Q. Does Edward Jones Online Access replace my statement?

A. No, you will continue receive an account statement.

Q. How often do Edward Jones clients receive account statements?

A: A statement will be produced each month there is activity within the account. All accounts regardless of account activity will receive statements at the end of each quarter (March, June, September, and December).

Q. How do I cancel online account access?

A. Call Edward Jones Online Support at (866) 788-4880. Hours of operation: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. ET.

Q. How do I change my password?

A. To change your password:

  1. Click the User Options tab.
  2. Click the Change Password menu.
  3. Follow the instructions on the page that opens.

For security reasons, we recommend that you change your password every month.

Q. How do I change my User ID?

A. To change your User ID:Click the User Options tab.

  1. Click the Change User ID menu.
  2. Follow the instructions on the page that opens.

Q. How do I update my E-mail Address?

A. To update your E-mail Address:

  1. Click the User Options tab.
  2. On the Default Settings page enter your e-mail address and click the Update button.

Q. What do I do if I forget my password?

A. From the Online Access Log In page click the Password Reset link and follow the instructions.

Q. What can I do if I need more information or don't understand a term?

A. Click the Help link found at the top of page, then click Glossary tab and scroll through the list of terms.

Q. Why should I clear my browser's cache?

A. When you log off of Online Access, you should clear your browser's cache to prevent someone else from accessing account information stored on your computer.

Q. What hours is Edward Jones Online Access available?

A. Edward Jones Online Access is available 24-hours a day, 7 days aweek, except during system upgrades and maintenance. These brief outages typically occur when usage is lowest.

Q. Why am I sometimes unable to get a quote?

A. You may not be able to get a quote because:

  • The symbol you entered is invalid.
  • The quote is for a stock that is trading for less than $1.00/share.

Q. What is an Offbook Account?

A. Accounts that include your mutual funds or segregated funds held outside Edward Jones, or your Positions Held Outside Edward Jones. It is simply a copy of the activities and holdings for these positions.

Q. How do I recognize my Offbook Account?

A. Offbook accounts will be followed by a ‘+’ after the account number or nickname.

Q. Why am I receiving a Report for my Positions Held Outside Edward Jones?

A. Due to new industry regulations, Edward Jones is now providing details of your security positions and transaction activity for mutual funds or segregated funds held directly at the fund company.

Q. What type of information will I see on the Reports?

A. Account balances, activities, and transactions of securities held outside Edward Jones.

Q. How often will I receive these Reports?

A. You will access/receive the reports quarterly. However, you will also receive a Report at the end of the month in which any activities or transactions occurred in your account.

Q. Will I receive a statement from the mutual fund or insurance company?

A. Yes, you will continue to receive your statements as per the statement schedule.

Q. What sections of the site will I see my Offbook/ Positions Held Outside Edward Jones?

A. You’ll be able to access the information on the Summary of Accounts, Security Holdings, Account Activity, and Statements & Reports screens.