I love connecting with people on a human level. If I don't know my clients as people first – the things they value, their dreams for themselves and their families, whether the markets keep them up at night – then how can I build a financial strategy that truly serves them, that gives their money purpose?

Here's the other reason I want to know my clients well beyond bank balances and portfolio mixes: Investing is a marathon, not a sprint, so I plan to be part of each client's life for the long haul to help keep them on track, guide them through the challenging times, and share their joy when we reach each goal.

With 12 years in the financial services industry, I've helped people through some major life changes. The transition into retirement, for example, is both exciting and daunting. We prepare financially, of course, and often collaborate with estate attorneys, CPAs or other family members, but I also have been known to bring in other types of life coaches to help ease the personal transition.

My practice is best suited for those who are conscientious about growing their savings, who are collaborative, who have a future goal in mind and are committed to following a plan to get there.

In the interest of getting to know each other, here are three facts about my life: I was the first woman in Ireland (my home country) to win a national championship title – in boxing. I became a landlord when I was 23 and by age 30 was earning a six-figure income. I came to Canada as a foreign exchange student a lifetime ago, fell in love with the place and its people, and now live on the Wolastoq river where I spend as much time as possible outdoors and on the water.

Now I want to hear about you. Give me a call.

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