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For information about how to send a message, see Accessing and completing the Contact Me and Feedback forms (below).

  • If you have a question about your account(s) or other information you can view at this site, call your branch office or send a message to Edward Jones Online Support by clicking the Feedback link at the top of any page.
  • If you need immediate assistance because you can't access your account(s), forgot your User ID or password, or for some other technical issue, call Edward Jones Online Support at (866) 788-4880. Hours of operation are:
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      Sunday: Closed

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      mid-January to mid-April
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      Sunday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET
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Moving around in Online Access

Getting started

Logging on to Edward Jones Online Access opens the Summary of Accounts page on the My Accounts tab.

You can select any page under the My Accounts tab by clicking the section - Summary of Accounts, Security Holdings, Account Activity, Account Orders, or Online Documents. Alternatively, you can select any page under the User Options tab.

Click the appropriate tab to access other Online Access information.

Using the header bar

The header bar is the list of options at the top of each page. The name and phone number of your Financial Advisor is at the top left of the header. Click:

  • Your Financial Advisor's name to access their web page.
  • Contact Me to send a message to your Financial Advisor.
  • Log Off to exit Edward Jones Online Access. We suggest that you clear your browser's cache after you log off, particularly on a public computer.
  • Help for information on using Online Access, a glossary, and frequently asked questions.
  • Feedback to send a message to our Suggestion Box / Edward Jones Online Support.
  • A  A  A to adjust the font size of the web site.

Using hyperlinks

Clicking an underlined word will redirect you to the desired page or feature.

Clicking the underlined table column headings on the Summary of Accounts, Security Holdings, Account Activity, or Account Orders pages will sort the contents of the table in ascending or descending order.

How to log off

To exit Edward Jones Online Access, click Log Off link on the header bar at the top of any page.

For your security, we recommend that you clear your browser's cache when you log off of Edward Jones Online Access.

Using tabs

Click the tabs at the top of any page to move between the main pages of the site.
Use the drop-down menu at the top of each main page to move between accounts.


Clearing your browser's cache

To prevent other users from accessing your account information by clicking Back or using your browser's History, we strongly recommend that you clear your browser's cache when you log off.

Instructions for clearing your cache vary slightly by browser type. Make sure you use the instructions for your browser.

E-mail guidelines 

Edward Jones does not accept E-mail instructions to buy, sell, or conduct other trading requests. Please call your Edward Jones Financial Advisor to place trades. 

How your account information is protected over the Internet

The security and privacy of your account information are important to us. Therefore, we use sophisticated 128-bit, SSL encryption technology to protect all transmitted data from unauthorized users. 

You can help by keeping your password confidential and by protecting the security of your personal computer so that others cannot access your financial information. 

How Edward Jones protects your account information

To learn how we safeguard the privacy of your account information, click "View our privacy statement" at the bottom of any Edward Jones Online Access page.

Password guidelines 

You must enter your password every time you log on, so:

  • Your password must be between 6-20 characters in length and contain alpha and numeric characters. 
  • Do not choose an easy-to-guess password such as your first or last name, telephone number, or license plate number.

Who has access to your account information

You are the only person who can view your account information unless you give both your User ID and password to someone else, or invite others through this site to view your accounts via the User Options - Linked Accounts feature.

Contacting Edward Jones about security concerns

If you have concerns about the security of your account information in Online Access, contact your Financial Advisor's office or Edward Jones Online Support at (866) 788-4880. Hours of operation: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. ET.

User options

Changing your password 

For security reasons, it's a good idea to change your password from time to time. To change your password: 

  1. Click the User Options tab. 
  2. Click the Change Password link. 
  3. Follow the instructions on the page that opens. 

Nicknaming an account

Use this function to assign a personalized nickname to the accounts you view* through Edward Jones Online Access. For example, if you normally refer to your son's custodial account as "Billy's University Account," you can use that nickname for the account.

To nickname or change the nickname for an account: 

  1. Click the User Options tab. 
  2. Click the Change Account Nicknames link. 
  3. Follow the instructions on the page that opens.

*NOTE: You cannot change the nickname of another user's account that you've been authorized to view. See the Linked Accounts section below for more information.

Updating your e-mail address

We need an accurate E-mail address to keep you up to date on Edward Jones Online Access. If you change your E-mail address, please update it through User Options. To do that:

  1. Click the User Options tab.
  2. Enter your new E-mail Address.
  3. Click the Update button. 

Changing you user ID

To change your Edward Jones Online Access User ID: 

  1. Click the User Options tab. 
  2. Click he Change User ID link. 
  3. Follow the instructions on the page that opens. 

Allowing other users to access your accounts

Through the Edward Jones Online Access service, you have the ability to authorize another user VIEW ONLY online access to your account(s), in addition to managing a list of accounts that another user may have authorized you to view. When accessing the Linked Accounts section of the User Options tab, you will see 3 features:

  1. Links to My Accounts - The Links to My Accounts feature displays the User IDs of other users you have authorized access to your account(s). To stop a user from accessing your account(s), click "Remove". If no accounts are listed, than you haven't authorized another user to view your account(s). 
  2. Accounts Linked to Me - The Accounts Linked to Me feature displays information on the accounts that are linked to you. You have been authorized to access all of the accounts listed in the table. If you no longer wish to access one of these accounts, click "Remove." If no accounts are listed, than you haven't been authorized to view another user's accounts. 
  3. Link My Account - The Link My Account feature allows you to authorize another enrolled user VIEW ONLY access to your account information. You must have the other user's User ID to link accounts. 

To authorize another user online VIEW ONLY access to one of your accounts:

  1. Click the User Options tab.
  2. Click the Linked Accounts section.
  3. Select the account number from the drop-down list of your accounts.
  4. Enter the User ID of the user to whom you would like to authorize access and click the Next button.
  5. Review the verification page, re-enter your password and click the Approve button.

Adobe Acrobat Reader download instructions

Acrobat Reader, a product of Adobe Systems Incorporated, is a free program that lets you view and print information like our publications and statements. You may already have this program. If you do, the file opens automatically when you click the link.

If you do not have the program, we recommend you download the latest version and follow the instructions on the page that opens.

Note: Your Edward Jones Online Access session may "time out" while you're downloading Acrobat Reader. If this happens, wait until the program is downloaded, then log back on to Edward Jones Online Access.

If you have the latest version of Acrobat Reader and files accessed from Online Access do not automatically open, you must enable Acrobat reader as a helper application:

  1. Launch Acrobat Reader from your Desktop or Programs menu.
  2. From the "Edit" menu at the top of Acrobat Reader choose "Preferences"
  3. Select "Internet" (on the left side of the screen)
  4. Deselect "Display PDF in Browser" (on the right side of the screen) and click "OK".

If you still have problems accessing our publications or your statements, please contact Edward Jones Online Support by using the Feedback link or call (866) 788-4880.

Account Allocation

What is Account Allocation?

  • Account Allocation is the Account Value (previous day's value) divided by the Total Equity for the currency held in the account (USD or CAD).
  • Account Allocation appears as pie charts on the Summary of Accounts page.
  • A pie chart may be displayed for each currency:
    • Canadian Dollar Accounts (CAD Allocation)
    • US Dollar Accounts (USD Allocation)

Account Allocation pie charts?

  • The Account Allocation pie chart will only be available for the currencies held in your accounts.
    • If you have Canadian Dollar accounts and US Dollar accounts you will see a pie chart for each.
    • If you hold only one currency type in your accounts you will see a pie chart for that currency only.
  • Accounts with a balance of zero will not be represented in the pie charts. If any of your accounts have a balance of less than zero, no pie charts will display.


  • Allocation percentages are rounded to the nearest hundredth decimal place.


  • Each pie chart will be accompanied by a corresponding legend. The legend displays the account number or personalized name listed under the "Account" column of the Summary of Accounts page chart. 
  • The legend includes accounts you are the authorized party on, as well as any account another client has provided you viewing access to through the "Link My Accounts" process.

Edward Jones Online Access Quotes & Watch Lists FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How can I access and use the new Quotes page? 

A. The 'Get a Quote' page is accessed through the button located in the top right corner of each page. To view quotes for stocks and mutual fund securities, type the first letters of the security symbol or company name in the Symbol boxes and select the desired security from the drop-down list that is displayed. The security information will display once you click the 'Get Quotes' button.

Q. What is the new My Watch Lists functionality?

A. The 'My Watch Lists' page is accessed through the button located in the top right corner of each page. This provides the ability to create multiple watch lists from the My Watch Lists page and monitor the performance of stocks and mutual funds. You can create up to 10 watch lists with up to 60 securities in each. You have the ability to add individual securities to the watch lists.

Q. How can I add a new Watch List?

A. To add a watch list, select the 'Add Watch List' link. To add securities to a watch list, type the first letters of the security symbol or company name in the Symbol boxes and select the desired security from the drop-down list that is displayed. The security information will display once you click the Update button. Watch Lists may also be edited or deleted once created.

Q. How do I use the Select View functionality on the My Watch Lists and Get a Quote pages?

A. You can choose the Select View options to create and manage customized viewing options. Select the Add View link to create a new view. Customize your view by clicking the Add/Remove Columns button at the top-right of your Watch List and selecting the columns you want to display. You may change the order the columns are displayed by dragging and dropping the columns to a different location. You can then save your customized view by selecting Save View, and can recall it any time by selecting it from the Select View drop-down menu. If you decide at a later date, you may also delete customized views by clicking Delete View.

Q. Why am I sometimes unable to get a quote?

A. You may not be able to get a quote if:

  • The symbol you have entered is invalid 
  • The quote is for a stock that is trading for less than $1.00/share 
  • For a Stock that is not trading on major stock exchanges (i.e. NYSE , NASDQ,AMEX,TSX) 
  • Quotes for Money Market Funds are not provided 

Q. Can I buy and sell securities, open an account, or change my reinvestment options through Edward Jones Online Access?

A. No, please call your Edward Jones Financial Advisor to complete any of these transactions.

Q. Why can't I access my previously created Watch Lists through the new My Watch Lists page? 

A. You can still access the Watch Lists you previously created through Your Watch List section, under the Market Info tab on
The new My Watch Lists page available through Online Access allows you to create numerous personal Watch Lists and track more securities than were previously available.

Your Account Performance

Q: How can I access the Performance page?

A: Click on the "Performance" tab located at the top of the screen to access the page.

Q: What type of information is available for Performance?

A: The page provides Performance and Rate of Return information for the accounts you access online.

Q: How is the Change in Value information calculated?

A: Change in Value = Ending Account Value – Beginning Account Value – Assets Added to Account + Assets Withdrawn from Account.

Q: What is included in the Change in Value information?

A: The Change in Value may include Interest Income, Dividend Income, Other Income, Account Fees, Miscellaneous items, as well change in Market Value.  Please contact your Financial Advisor for additional information about what is included in your account's Change in Value.

Q: How far back does Performance go?

A: Performance history is available from 01/01/2011. This date is considered as the "Since Inception" date for all accounts, regardless if the account was opened prior to 2011. Accounts opened after 2011 will be shown as of the date opened.

Q: Are values as of the current day?

A: No, values are as of the previous day.

Q: Why am I getting the message "The system was unable to retrieve performance data.  Please try again and contact Online Client Support at (866) 788-4880 if the problem persists."

A: This message means that we were unable to connect to the Performance Reporting System.  There could be multiple reasons why this occurred.  Please click on the "Performance" tab again to re-load the screen or report the issue to Online Client Support if you continue to encounter the problem.

Q: Why did Edward Jones choose to use a dollar-weighted calculation instead of a time-weighted calculation?

A: We believe dollar-weighted Rate of Returns better reflect your performance because they include not only the investment performance but also the size and timing of any additions and withdrawals you make. Time-weighted rate of returns, on the other hand, minimize the impact of additions and withdrawals and therefore better measure the performance of the investment manager, not you. Both methods can provide meaningful information about performance.

Q: Can I download my Performance into Excel?

A: Yes, click the "Export" button located in the top right portion of the Performance page after selecting the account you would like to download.

Q: Who should I contact if I have  questions?

A: Online Client Support at (866) 788-4880 if you have questions or feedback regarding the Performance page.

Your Branch Office if you have questions about Performance information on your accounts.