We do money differently™

The first step to experiencing the Edward Jones difference starts with playing the video. At Edward Jones we understand money's a thing, but it's not everything.™ That's why we take a wellness approach to wealth. It's an active approach empowering our clients by helping to put their relationship with money into perspective alongside the most important things to them, that help improve quality of life, create prosperity and champion happiness.

How do we do money differently?

  • We seek to understand our clients and their family’s priorities to help them define their short- and long-term goals before providing advice.
  • We build deep trusted relationships with our clients and work with them to develop strategies that support their goals related to health, family, purpose, and finance.
  • We provide comprehensive planning and advice that helps clients balance and achieve their goals because money’s a thing, but it’s not everything.
  • We partner with clients through life’s curveballs, cannonballs and windfalls and adjust their plans as needed.

Doing money differently™: Our client stories

Watch their videos to learn more!

Our clients have experienced the Edward Jones difference first-hand. Our clients' stories will help you understand how their partnership with an Edward Jones advisor has helped them gain a new perspective about money and achieve a more balanced outcome between wealth and wellness. 

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