How can I communicate my future health care wishes to my family?

Published October 22, 2020
 An elderly couple listens to their younger daughter discuss information in an official-looking document.

You may know exactly how you would handle a certain medical situation – but if you don’t tell your family, how will they know?

This becomes very important if your family is faced with making decisions on your behalf. We've worked with thousands of clients who have gone through this process and have found that communication makes a big difference. By taking this important step of talking with your family now, you can save confusion later.

  1. Call a family meeting:

    One option is to call a family meeting and discuss everything. If you are uncomfortable discussing this topic in person, though, or believe your family may bring up questions you can’t answer related to the financial aspects of your plans, it may be a good idea to invite your Edward Jones advisor to the meeting.

  2. Put it in writing:

    Documenting your wishes allows your family to implement the decisions you've already made, rather than trying to figure out what you would have wanted. There are many ways of documenting your wishes and your lawyer can help you determine the best approach.

We can help

Your Edward Jones financial advisor can help you develop a strategy that's tailored to your needs and built to help protect against the unexpected.

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