Life is full of choices, and those you make today can affect your tomorrow. Take choosing a financial advisor, for example. Together, you'll want to explore the things that matter most to you and put your money to work so that the goals you set are within reach. Ideally, you and your financial advisor will be together for the long-term. So, you'll want someone you trust to always look out for your best interest.

There are three things I bring to the table that make a difference for my clients both today and tomorrow.
• First is clarity. The investing world sometimes offers complicated choices with nuanced trade-offs. I'll make sure you fully understand the options so you can make informed, sound decisions that keep you in control of your money and your future.
• Second is honesty. You'll know what you're getting, what you're paying and what the risk associated with your expected return will be.
• And third is an engaging approach. I want to get to know you personally, not just you as a client. Then I'll be able to help explore and prioritize your goals, your challenges, opportunities, and your expectations. I'll encourage you to ask questions so that you are completely comfortable with the work we are doing and the future we are laying for you.

Before joining Edward Jones, I had a career in sales in the construction industry. I still rely on many of the same priorities that made me successful in that role – accountability, people skills, adaptability and integrity.

Outside of work, curling is my lifelong passion, and I have had the privilege of representing our country on the world stage. Today, I am still a competitive curler and serve on the Board of Directors at the Port Arthur Curling Club. I also love travel, whether it’s a family holiday or a quick weekend getaway with friends. It's about new experiences and quality time with the people I hold dear. My newest hobby is landscaping, which I discovered during the homebound months of the pandemic.

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