When it comes to your long-term financial security, the last thing you want to do is change horses mid-race. I make this commitment to you – I'll be with you for the long haul.

I approach your financial strategy as the means to an end – helping you achieve what you value in life both now and into the future. We'll talk about the things most important to you, the challenges you face and how to make your money work harder for you. We'll build strategies to grow your money and to protect it, and I'll be there with you to make adjustments as your life changes, and to celebrate the good times and navigate through the hard times. We'll make every decision based on how to achieve your goals.

I learned first-hand the importance of thinking about goals rather than a specific investment. I considered myself financially literate: I grew up learning about money from my father who was in the financial services industry, financial concepts came easily to me and I was toying with becoming an analyst. So, in college, I put money into a few investments. Truth be told, I didn't make money. It was a great lesson on the value of building a strategy rather than simply investing. With a strategy, we focus on a goal rather than a return, diversify the investments, protect our investments and use a long-term approach.

I find that this type of guidance and ongoing support is especially helpful for anyone with an interest in their future but a busy life to juggle. Still, your financial independence is not something that should go on the back burner. I help keep it prioritized and working for you. That is my job.

My personal passion is basketball. In my Nova Scotia high school, I started a co-ed after-school basketball program, teaching fundamentals to kids primary through sixth grade. Now I'm looking forward to coaching kids here in Halifax when team sports start up again. For fun, I play basketball myself, of course, and enjoy camping, fishing, golf and time with friends.

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