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Even though we're different from most traditional investing firms, we still offer the usual brokerage account types to meet your needs. Unlike an account at a bank, a brokerage account is used to own investments – like stocks, bonds and mutual funds, not just cash. 

Types of brokerage accounts

The different types of brokerage accounts are just different ways to designate who the owner of the account's investments is and how to distribute them if something happens to the owner.

  • Individual (or single) accounts – This type of account is owned by an individual adult. The account owner is the only person authorized to place orders or receive any information on the account.
  • Joint accounts – A joint account is an account with two owners, typically relatives, couples or business partners who have a high level of trust. This is because every person on the account can access the money and investments within it.

We can help

To open any type of brokerage account, contact your local Edward Jones advisor.

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