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Investor Type: I Like to Be Very Involved

Your answer explained

I like to be very involved, and I enjoy studying the markets and learning about investments. I want to know at all times how I'm doing. I want to call all the shots and make all the decisions. I'm hesitant to trust anyone else with my money.

If you thrive on digging into the details, a financial professional can be a great resource as you work toward your goals. He or she should spend as much time as you'd like going through the facts with you – but you make the ultimate decisions. Even if you work with an Edward Jones advisor your money always remains just that: yours. 

How we can help

A financial advisor's role is to assist you and offer recommendations, but you're the one in charge. You should be able to know where you stand at all times – and your Edward Jones advisor,shouldn't hesitate to answer any of your questions. He or she is also likely to offer online capabilities that allow you to get information when and where it's convenient for you.

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