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Life Event Checklists

Life happens. Happy surprises and unexpected challenges – and we're there with you.

Sure, you come to Edward Jones for help in working toward your financial goals. But we're people, too – and we know life is about more than money.

While we're working with you to develop financial strategies to achieve your vision for your life, we get to know you pretty well. And we're with you as you go through it all – good and bad. 

Some milestones are easy to see down the road: a child going to college or getting married, for example. Others may appear unexpectedly. 

To help you prepare for whatever life brings, we've put together checklists for some of the most common events we see with our clients. We hope they help keep you organized, so you can spend the time you need to enjoy – or cope with – the important events in your life.

For more help in preparing for life's milestones, find an Edward Jones advisor near you.

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