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Why Fixed Income Makes Sense in Your Portfolio

Benefit from diversification, stability and income when you include fixed-income investments in your portfolio.

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Tips to Protect Your Information This Holiday Season

Many retailers are vying for your business. But scam artists may also be trying to make a sale by stealing your money or profiting from your personal information.

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What's Next for the Loonie?

Where does the loonie go from here and what are the implications for you?

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The 3 R's of Investing: Review, Review, Review

The one constant you can expect in life is change – but is your financial strategy keeping up? You can find out with a financial review.

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Staying Balanced in the Financial Services Sector

Stocks within the financial services sector dominate the S&P/TSX Index. While strong financial performance continues to attract investor interest, investors may find that they are now overweight in financial services stocks.

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What Can We Expect From an Aging Bull?

This bull market is old – more than 3,046 days old. The question is, will it be more like a fine wine - getting better with age; or is it more like milk - nearing its expiration?

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Active & Passive: Two Investment Styles That Could Work for You

There are really only two fundamental strategies that fund managers can use in an effort to achieve the best possible investment results: active management and passive management. However, deciding whether active management or passive management is a better approach to investing is one of the most heavily debated questions in the investment world.

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