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Federal Budget: Smaller Adjustments Target Growth, Reflect Uncertainties

Investment Strategist Craig Fehr reminds investors to let your long-term financial goals – not government budgets – be your guide in constructing an appropriate financial strategy and a portfolio that aligns with that strategy.

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What to Make of Dow at 20,000

The Dow crossed the 20,000 mark. What does this mean for investors?

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Risk and Return: What Makes Sense for You?

Risk and return generally go hand in hand – but there’s more to investing than just the risk of declines.

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Active & Passive: Two Investment Styles That Could Work for You

There are really only two fundamental strategies that fund managers can use in an effort to achieve the best possible investment results: active management and passive management. However, deciding whether active management or passive management is a better approach to investing is one of the most heavily debated questions in the investment world.

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Protection for the Unexpected

It takes years of hard work, discipline, and commitment to develop a financial strategy.

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Is Timing the Market Worth Your Time?

Reacting to uncertainty can lead investors to make untimely decisions.

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