How to Get Your Investments in Shape

March 01, 2018

Spiral notebook, pen and workout equipment

Many of us started the New Year with a promise to improve our physical fitness and overall health. But have you thought about your financial fitness?

Getting in shape takes commitment, time, and dedication. Similarly, as you work toward your important financial goals, consider the following questions.

Have Your Debts Gained Weight? It’s not bad to carry some type of debt – for example, you may be paying a mortgage or car loan. But every dollar that doesn’t go toward a debt payment can be put toward your goals. If you owe money to a high-interest credit card, put a plan in place to trim that debt.

Does Your Investment Mix Need a Checkup? Investments can behave differently over time, which means your portfolio’s allocation could stray from your initial objectives. Working with your Edward Jones advisor to rebalance periodically, helps ensure your portfolio is properly allocated to investments that align with your comfort with risk so you can meet your financial goals.

Are Your Retirement Accounts Where You Want Them to Be? Your first step is to decide when you’d like to retire and what you plan to do once you get there. With this information, your Edward Jones advisor can partner with you to help you achieve the retirement you want. And if you’re already retired, take another look at your withdrawal rates and how your investments are taxed. You might want to discuss your situation with your Edward Jones advisor and tax professional.

How Can You Stay on Track? Financial fitness isn’t a “one and done” activity – periodic reviews with your Edward Jones advisor are a must. Together you determine how often you want to meet.

Your Edward Jones advisor can help improve your financial fitness this year – and for many years to come.

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