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U.S. Corporate Bonds

When you invest in a U.S. corporate bond, you are loaning to a U.S. corporation. The corporation then regularly pays interest on the value of the bonds you purchased in U.S. dollars. These issues count against foreign content.

At a stated date in the future (maturity date), the company returns the principal amount you purchased.

U.S. corporate bonds offer the following features:

  • Income - You earn a fixed rate of interest in U.S. dollars, usually paid twice a year.
  • Liquidity - You can sell U.S. corporate bonds at their market value at any time before the maturity date.
  • Currency risk - You will have exchange risk (risk of the value of the investment changing due to converting currencies) if you need to convert back into Canadian dollars.
  • Price changes - While the amount of your interest will almost always remain the same, the value of your bond will change daily.

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