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Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is permanent life insurance protection that provides a lump-sum tax-free payment to beneficiaries on the death of the life insured.

Whole life insurance is best suited for conservative individuals seeking permanent life insurance protection and the opportunity for accumulating tax-advantaged policy cash values. Beneficiaries are able to cover costs associated with final expenses, taxes on registered assets and capital gains with the proceeds.


  • Tax-deferred growth – The cash value of permanent whole life insurance grows tax deferred.
  • Guaranteed premium – Guaranteed level premium for life with guaranteed cash values.
  • Choice of participating or non-participating policies
  • Choice of five dividend options:
    • Receive in cash.
    • Leave on deposit with interest.
    • Apply to future premiums.
    • Purchase additional permanent death benefit insurance.
    • Use dividend to purchase small amounts of term insurance.

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Important information:

Insurance and annuities are offered by Edward Jones Insurance Agency (except in Québec). In Québec, insurance and annuities are offered by Edward Jones Insurance Agency (Québec) Inc.

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