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When It Comes to Investing, You Have Choices


You can choose to invest your money in a variety of ways. How do you know what's right for you? Start by considering how much time and energy you want to spend investing. The more involved you want to be in making decisions and reviewing your investments, the more complex your approach may be.

Which approach is right for you?

We offer a wide range of investment choices and approaches to meet your specific needs. There is no "one size fits all" approach to investing.

Edward Jones recognizes that we serve a diverse group of investors. What you're trying to accomplish and how you'd like to go about it are unique to you. As you work through setting goals and a creating a strategy to address them, think about how much time you can, or want to, spend on investment decisions.

Maybe you want to be heavily involved in all the details, including making every investment decision in partnership with your financial advisor. We're happy to work with you in this way. Would you rather select an investment mix with your financial advisor and leave the specific buying and selling decisions to us? We can do that too.

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What you choose to buy and how you want to own your investments depend on your goals and situation.  Work with your Edward Jones advisor to determine which approach is best suited to your investment style and financial goals.

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