Research studies regularly rank two elements at the top of life's stresses: your health and your finances.

During these unprecedented times, these stresses have been widened and magnified to become the centre point of almost everyone's lives, thanks in part to both coronavirus and the related market volatility.

It doesn't matter where you are, whether you are working at home or have a role critical to the situation, it's safe to say physical and financial health is right in the centre of your thoughts and daily life.

Two experts are here to address some questions you may have regarding you and your family's overall well-being. Hopefully, the experts in this video will shed some light on actions you can take right now to help you feel more secure in both areas.

"Instead of 'social distancing,' we should say 'physical distancing' and 'social connection.'"
-- Infectious Disease Specialist from Washington University School of Medicine and BJC Healthcare in St. Louis, Dr. Hilary Babcock

"Let's not forget--markets move faster than the economy does."
--Investment Strategist from Edward Jones, Craig Fehr

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