Being your best during COVID-19

Published January 4, 2021
 A mother and daughter preparing food in the kitchen.

Positivity during a pandemic

Managing all the stressors of daily life can be challenging enough under normal circumstances — during a pandemic, the pressure is magnified. Coronavirus has impacted the world both emotionally and financially, making it easy for worries and anxiety to creep in.

However, a positive outlook can go a long way in the current environment. The effects of stress are very real, taking tolls on both you and your family's overall wellness. By addressing your stress, taking little actions and changing your perspective, you may find you are more resilient than you ever thought possible.

Tips from the experts

Two experts — one medical and one financial — join us to share their outlooks, offering up some actions you can start doing today to help you stay positive for tomorrow.

"Everybody's different, and everybody has different ways of managing their stress. If you don't actually have a toolbox full of different tools [for this], start to explore."
Dr. David Zieg, board certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician and consultant at Mercer Total Healthcare Management & Solutions

"Don't be making decisions to try to time the market. Focus on that long-term and focus on diversification."
Scott Thoma, CFA, CFP®, Principal, Research-Investment Strategy and Client Needs in the Advice and Guidance area at Edward Jones

Resources to explore

While there are many resources available online that can assist with some of the techniques mentioned in the video, here are a few you may want to explore.

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