Guaranteed investment certificates

Issued by banks, trust companies or credit unions, these certificates offer you fixed-income payments.

When you invest in a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC), you're loaning money to a bank, trust company or credit union. The institution then regularly pays interest on the principal value of the GICs you purchased.

At a stated date in the future (maturity date), the institution returns the principal amount you purchased.

GICs offer the following features:

  • Income – You earn a fixed rate of interest.
  • Protection – GICs are insured up to $100,000 (for both principal and interest collectively) by either the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) or a provincial deposit insurer that protects provincial credit unions.
  • Non-redeemable – You cannot redeem a GIC prior to the maturity date (except for cashable GICs subject to lockout periods).
  • Certificate – You'll receive a confirmation showing ownership for GICs held by Edward Jones. A certificate is not available.

Current rates

GICs are issued by a CDIC or provincially insured financial institution and pay a fixed rate for a fixed term. Purchases of GICs are allowed up to the insurance limit (maximum purchase of $100,000 per institution per account type registration).

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